World Domination!



Risk is a strategy board game of diplomacy, conflict, and conquest. The game was invented in 1957 by a French filmmaker named Albert Lamorisse. His game went on to become one of the most popular board games in history, inspiring others to create similar games like Axis & Allies and Settlers of Catan. The simple rules but complex interactions make it appealing to adults as well as children and families. It is still in production by Hasbro with numerous editions and variants with popular media themes and different rules including PC software versions, video games, and mobile apps.

Main Goal:

You must conquer all 42 Territories and eliminate all your opponents to become the winner. Each of your turns will consist of three parts: placing armies, attacking, and one free move at the end of your turn. On your turn, you will try to capture other territories by defeating your opponents’ armies. But be warned: Winning battles will depend on careful planning, quick decisions, and bold moves. Place your forces Atrtigicly, attack at just the right moment and fortify your defenses against all enemies.


My experience:

I honestly haven’t played this game that much. I opted for the more simpler type games like Candyland or Uno. However, the times that I have played it wasn’t that bad even though I lost every round to computers ( I played the electronic version). You really have to be strategic when placing your army, you could lose quickly when you don’t. All and all its a fun game when you just have fun with it. Maybe try coming up with a name of your army or find some other way to make it exciting. The possibilities are endless.


3 thoughts on “World Domination!

  1. Risk stresses me out. This game can last like 5 hours 😩😩


  2. Hello nice post I’m planning to take over the world, so whatever… Check out my posts!


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