Sweet as Sugar



The game was designed in 1948 by Eleanor Abbott, while she was recovering from polio in San Diego, California. The game was made for and tested by the children in the same wards on the hospital. Published by Milton Bradley company it became one of the best selling games that they have made, surpassing their previous top seller Uncle Wiggly. In in 1984, Hasbro bought out the Milton Bradley and revamped the game with characters and a story.

Main goal

Players take turns removing the top card from a stack, most of which show one of six colors and then moving their marker ahead to the next space of that color. The remaining pink spaces are named locations such as Candy Cane Forest and Gumdrop Mountain, or characters such as Queen Frostine and Gramma Nutt. In the new editions, Hasbro has changed out the cards for a colored spinner. This move can be either forward or backward in the classic game; backward moves can be ignored for younger players in the 2004 version of the game.


My experience

I loved playing this game when I was younger. My grandmother would always play this with me when she babysat my brother and I. We played it so much that the cards started to become weak when you tried to use them. It was one of my favorite games and still is to this day.


7 thoughts on “Sweet as Sugar

  1. I played the heck out of this game when I was younger. I’m pretty sure I still own it.


  2. That’s was one of my fav game


  3. My little sister used to make me play this game with her. Best memories of my life ❤️


  4. I never played this as a kid but played it with my kids though I think we played chutes and ladders more.


  5. This was one of the few board games that I owned as a kid. I always wanted to play this when friends came over.


  6. Childhood memories!


  7. i used to play this game non-stop when i was little!


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