Sorry! for the Trouble



The game of Sorry is considered one of the classic board games of today. Other than a few minor changes in appearance and packaging, Sorry still remains the same from when it was first published. It was first introduced in the United States by Parker Brothers in 1934. Because of the simple, but fun play of the game, Sorry continues being a family favorite board game, generation after generation. Most often it is found within a family’s game closet and one which is to be remembered long after a child has grown.

Main goal:

You begin with 2- 4 player choosing their favorite color. Then each player put their 4 pawns in the circle labeled start that matches their pawns. The main object of the game is to be the first player to move their 4 pawns into their home circle.  This is done by the drawing of cards.  Placed in the center of the board, the cards range from 1 through 12 with 4 Sorry Cards and without 6 or 9’s. For a full list of the rules click here.


My experience:

I really didn’t play this much as a kid and when I did play it was at school. It’s just a fun easy game that you can finish relatively fast. all in all its a fun game to play. The only frustrating thing is when you want to finish, you keep going back a forth thinking you are done but you are not.


8 thoughts on “Sorry! for the Trouble

  1. I used to play this game when I was a kid with my sibling on sunday night , I had really fun. This recalled me some good memories tho.


  2. I played so much Sorry with my family when I was younger. We still have the game in our living room! It caused many disputes… all in good fun.


  3. Sorry! was always one of my favorite border games. I have probably owned a board my whole life.


  4. As a kid I had the Disney version of Sorry! Instead of just colors it had Disney villains and princesses as the pieces. Loved it!


  5. barganieradventures November 12, 2018 — 8:15 pm

    Omg sorry was my favorite game when I was little!


  6. We have sorry sliders. We enjoyed for a few times. It was a great idea for something different. We play trouble more than Sorry, and I think that the concepts are pretty similar.


  7. This brings back a lot of memories lol. I use to play this game with my family.


  8. Played this a few times during my childhood.


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