What is UNO? In 1971, by a man named Merle Robbins. He wanted to create a game that closely resembles crazy eights. Even though it was created in the 70’s it was not massed produced until 1981. Since its debut, it has become wildly popular for families to play together. Today there are different versions that you can play.  There is a UNO attack, where if you don’t pick fast enough, it would shoot out a bunch of cards at you.

Uno-890x500.png The main goal

So, how does one win at this weird game? The main goal of this game is to run out of cards. It’s easier said than done though. You have to trick the other players into guessing what you have. You have to have a strategy in how you play your cards. There are several wild cards that can either make you draw more cards, change the color that you need, or reverses the direction of the turns. Thus, you can be prevented from playing any of your cards for a long while.


My experience

I love playing this game! My friends and I will get together and play this most of the time. However, when we are nowhere near each other there is an electronic version of UNO that we play.  When I was little I begged my family to play with me all the time. most of the time I would kick their butts at the game but it was just fun to watch them get mad.

What is your favorite card game that you like to play?


7 thoughts on “UNO, NOT DOS!

  1. When I play uno with my friends, they like to seek through the deck and find all the wildcards. Every time they get in a tough spot, bam, they have a wildcard. A bunch of cheaters if you ask me!

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  2. I love playing UNO. Now people have turned UNO into a drinking game.


  3. I love to play phase 10! Except for the fact it can take super long.


  4. UNO is one of my favorites.


  5. My favorite game to play is Machi Koro! I love playing UNO too, though!


  6. UNO is one of my favorite card games out there. It brings me back to many memories about my childhood and with my family and friends


  7. nutrition886554968 October 3, 2018 — 5:15 am

    We used to have so much fun playing uno attack. You never knew when you were going to hit the button and end up with like 8 more cards!


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