Game Night


When was the last time that you sat down with friends to play board games? What games did you play? Card games like Cards Against Humanity or UNO? How about board games like Candy Land or Monopoly? How about good ole fashioned Twister? Which made everyone get a little too close. More than likely you have played some type of board game with your friends.

It’s amazing that many board games have stayed popular throughout the years. Board games are an inexpensive form of entertainment, for families, that can last through generations. They also many board games can be considered educational in some form or fashion. whether it be by teaching a kid to count or learn how to add up points. If you play a game like Twister, you will learn about colors and how to keep your balance.


My earliest experience with board games is playing with my family after we ate dinner. We would always play either UNO, Mouse Trap, or Monopoly.  When my brother and I went over to our grandmother’s house, she would play Candy Land with us. When we would get tired of that game we would play Scrabble (I was terrible at it), and my brother would always win. As we got older, we continued playing board games. Sometimes with our friends and other times with family.  We started a tradition by playing Mexican Trains every Christmas. We would Lose track of time and would play into the Early hours of the next morning.


Everyone enjoys playing board games. New games come and go, but there will always be those select few games that you will always love to play. Hopefully, we can start playing more board games to enjoy being around friends and family.


11 thoughts on “Game Night

  1. Your blog is so fun! My family loves playing board and card games when we are all together. I just recently learned how to play the game called “Bang.” I really enjoyed it, maybe you would like it too!


    1. I will definitely check it out! My friends and I are always looking for new games to play when we get together.


  2. I love board games. I try to get my boyfriend to play with me, but he hates them! I used to play Cards Against Humanity with my friends before everyone moved away. We always turned it into a drinking game! If your card got picked, you had to take a shot of whatever we had on hand 😂


    1. Boy, I have a game for you! Just keep an eye out I will be talking about a game called Red Dragon Inn in maybe a couple of weeks. The best way I can explain it without giving too much away is that it does involve drinking.

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  3. Yes I love board games!! I think it’s starting to become a dying trend in families now with so much technology to keep us occupied but I really do think this is the best way to bond with family members or to get to know new people!


    1. I honestly agree with you. I work as a cashier, and one time a boy wanted to get Hungry Hungry Hippos, but his mom would let him. Her reasoning was because he had no one to play with, and she said that she would not play with him. I was very sad to hear that response from his mother.


    2. I agree! Nobody plays board games anymore.


  4. When I was a kid my family did a family game night on Fridays. We would always play the same game each week. It was Clue. The funny thing was that I would win every time because my parents would put the same three cards in the envelope each week. So I would always win. That to this day is still one of my favorite games and memories of my childhood.


  5. We usually only play things that don’t take too long to complete. This summer we picked up the Monopoly Deal card game. We had to invest a little time in learning it, but it is easily competed in 15 minutes and quite competitive. Not quite like the real thing, but no one has time for Monopoly!


  6. I really love board games , I will definitely check your blog very often to see if you have new game to suggest, so thart I could try them.


  7. I haven’t played an actual board game in ages… but I have recently played drunk uno with friends.


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